“We are not just a profitable moving company, we understand the emotional attachment you have with your household goods and personal effects. With 30 years of goodwill in this industry, we are committed to delivering the best services.”


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Super Worldwide Packers has been providing its services to the Ministry of External Affairs and private customers for the last three decades. We are honored to have served you and are committed to offering even better services for seamless relocation. 

Our company is a global leader in the moving industry, specializing in international freight forwarding services. We have expertise in handling shipments of different sizes, providing moving and custom clearance services for the import and export of goods, diplomatic and personal baggage, and relocation of household goods and personal effects, including warehouse and insurance. Our unwavering attention to detail and dedication to your satisfaction ensures a hassle-free and efficient process for all your shipping needs. You can count on us to deliver excellence at every step of the way


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We have reliable partners worldwide, including India, providing cost-effective rates.

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Our team of experienced packers and field staff will handle your shipment with utmost care and ensure smooth logistics.

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We’ll speed up customs clearance for your goods to ensure compliance with international shipping regulations.

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We provide our customers with timely information without any delays. We will notify you as soon as we have any updates on your shipment.


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Moving & Relocation Service Provider

Diplomatic Moves

Our specialized diplomatic relocation services cater to the unique needs of diplomats, embassy personnel, and government officials. With our vast experience, global network, and utmost discretion, we offer seamless and secure relocation solutions for diplomatic staff and their families.

International Moves

We offer international move and relocation services to make transitions easy for individuals and families. Our global network, experienced professionals, and personalised approach ensure seamless and stress-free relocations worldwide.

Domestic moves

We offer reliable and efficient domestic relocation services tailored to meet your needs. With our experienced team and modern fleet, we ensure a stress-free moving experience.

Moving Safely

We provide safe moving procedures

We prioritize the safety of your belongings during transportation. Our meticulous moving procedures ensure that your items are securely and carefully transported.

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